Alex Wetech (AWC)

Water Enviromental Technologies & Chemical Supplies

About Us

Alex Wetech (Water Enviromental Technologiess & Chemical Supplies) was established in 2012.
AWC was established for providing comprehensive solutions for Chemical Supplies, Water, Wastewater & Environmental Technological Solutions for diffrent Industries.


The company was founded by group of professional engineers who has got long experience in relevant business thrugh an egyptian and Saudi Arabian Companies as technical Manager, Marketing Manager & Purchasing Manager.


Alex Wetech (AWC) Difference


We believe that safety is everyone's responsibility and we weave this firm within our culture. When you work with us, our safety first focus is carried into to your facility.

Safety First Focus

Quality Assurance

We offer complete certificate of analysis for every product manufactured the day of production.
All raw materials are QC tested and QC approved before release to our client.

Through our robust supply chain, we work to provide our partners with the local supply they need. This allows for shorter times helping you keep your inventory as low as possible, but your supply assurance high.

Robust Supply Chain

Our Bussniess


Chemical Supplies


Enviromental Solution





Chemical Supplies

AWC specializes in the distribution of both liquid and solid chemicals to Chemical industries as raw materials for their production processes.


The company has specialized warehouses in Wadi Elnatroun City from which it can service its customers quickly and efficiently. Industries/sectors served include Oil & Gas Industries, Petro-chemicals & Drilling Fluids, Fertilizers & Pesticides, Construction, Plastics, Paints & Inks and Water Treatment Chemicals, among various other industries.


Enviromental Solutions

AWC provides comprehensive solutions for the most effective hazardous waste and wastewater disposal. 


We own and operate a dedicated fleet of box trucks, bulk tankers, vacuum trucks and roll-off trucks to move hazardous and non-hazardous waste off your property to the proper recycling and material management facilities.