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Chemical Supplies

Alex Chemical Company ( AWC ) has been focusing for several years on supplying industrial chemicals to the Egypt leading manufacturers in different industries in Egypt  and Gulf area as it has been there for several years. It has an unwavering dedication to total quality which continues to be the underlying key to all of the company’s success. Perhaps what is even more important, it is also the foundation upon which we are building our future. Our highly trained sales department serves as an efficient interface between AWC and the customers through research and development specialists. This closed-loop approach enhances AWC’s ability to provide quality products and also helps ensure the mutual beneficial business outcome.


AWC’s comprehensive network of sales and distribution is among the industries most responsive: providing significant cost reduction, supply availability, and sales support advantages of our valued customers in Egypt and the Gulf area.

 Our Target:
  • To be the leaders in supplying the best quality products to our customers.

  • Taking care our clients and fulfilling their requirements.

  • Providing our clients with the best products and under the best competitive prices and the highest quality.

  • We aim to be the best partner to our clients.

  • To establish and profitable relations with all of our clients.

  • Maintaining health and safety at the heart of our attention and to maintain the high morale of the employee.

Alex Wetech & Chemicals Co. offers a range of blending services.

Caustic Soda liquid 50%.

Sulphuric acid 98%.

Hydrochloric acid 31-32%

Sodium Hypochlorite 12 %

Mono ethylene Glycol.

Aqua ammonia solution 25-27%.

Ferric chloride 40%.

Calcium nitrate 50%.

Sodium bisulfite 30- 40%.

Potassium carbonate 50%

Potassium hydroxide 50%

Polyaluminium chloride 10% and 30%

Bulk road tankers for the following items:

Our Products

Alex Wetech & Chemicals Co. offers a range of blending services.

Alex Wetech Co in Position to Export below items with Competitive price: 

Hydrochloric acid 31-32%

Ferric chloride 40%.

Ferrous Sulfate

Copper Sulfate   


Kieserite  ( Mgo )


Calcium Carbonate

Talc Powder


All Mining Product

Alex Wetech Co in Position to supply below Ferilizeer raw material and final products: 

Ferrous Sulfate

Copper Sulfate   

Potassium Sulfate


Triple super phosphate

Potassium Chloride

Di ammonium phosphate

Single Super phosphate

Phosphoric Acid